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Here are some of the NPCs that are currently in Konoha. They will be 'retired' from their positions when we get more PCs and the NPC's positions are taken by our PCs.

NPCs can be used by anyone for RP purposes. You can also add NPCs by commenting below with some general information on them. If something notable happens to an NPC in RP please comment below so the listing can be appropriately updated.

Muiko Senju - Jounin and leader of Team 2
23 and tall with long black hair and green eyes. She is a great beauty, incredibly intelligent and skilled at strategy, and wise beyond her years. She's a very nurturing person who cares deeply for her squad in an older sister/motherly type of role. She's skilled in earth and fire release ninjutsu techniques.

Taysuke Aburame - Jounin and leader of Team 3
27 and of average height, with short and spiky brown hair and blue eyes. In the village he is outgoing and buoyant. In the field he is quiet and stealthy with high expectations of his squad. He uses the clan's special kikaichu techniques, but is also a master of genjutsu and stealth.

Shirosama Nara - Jounin and leader of Team 4
20 and lanky and thin. He has long black hair and brown eyes. He looks younger than he is due to his very thin, almost malnourished, appearance. He's newly promoted to jounin and alternates between bravado and second guessing himself. He wants his squad to do well so he can prove himself. He's received training in the Nara Hiden and is actually very skilled at it and any other techniques requiring good chakra control.

Sanjuro Akimichi - Jounin and leader of Team 5
27, short and stocky. He has short red hair and brown eyes. He is very outgoing and encouraging, a bit loud in the village but every bit a stealthy ninja in the field. He specializes in taijutsu and weaponry techniques.

Au Maeda - Jounin and leader of Team 6
23 with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is a tall woman who is very skilled in weaponry.

Shozo Kuwahara - Jounin Commander (Counsel member)
30. He is tall with dark and short hair that's kept kind of messy in what he intends to be a rakish manner. He's very skilled in a variety of ninjutsu techniques and has nearly mastered all of the elemental chakra natures. He's a very intelligent strategist, hence his appointment as jounin commander. He has a summoning contract with the Great Wolves.

Botan Hyuuga - Jounin
45, with salt and pepper hair kept short, and tall of stature. He is a member of the branch Hyuga family and is a familiar face for those picking up missions at the mission assignment desk. He's also quite well known around the Academy. He knows when to be stern and when to make jokes and may be a father figure to some.

Aneko Musashi - Jounin
35 with blonde hair and blue eyes and an average appearance. She is a very skilled medic nin and in charge of the medical corps of Konoha. She'll take on promising students as apprentices and train them in healing and is also responsible for taking care of severe injuries at the hospital.

Eisuke Uchiha - Jounin, Captain of the Police Force
45, black hair and brown eyes. The man is immaculately professional in all matters pertaining to the police force and village safety, so he comes across as stiff and serious to everyone. At home he's a bit relaxed, but still maintains a very professional aura and demeanor.

Masaaki Uchiha- Jounin, Member of the Police Force
25, black hair and brown eyes. He is Eisuke's son and in the police force, but it's not truly what he wants to do, nor does he want to follow in his father's footsteps. He does his job, but is more inclined to let minor offenses slide, which results in conflict with his father. He's a well known womanizer in the village and enjoys spending his evenings drinking in bars and having fun with his buddies.

Suiko Akimichi - Chuunin, Academy Teacher
30, typical Akimichi stocky physique. She's a stern academy teacher who has taught a handful of generations of Academy students.

Roku Senju - Chuunin, Hokage's Assistant
15, brown hair and green eyes. Skilled in earth release jutsu and weaponry.
He was taken as Tomoe's assistant in an attempt to placate a political rival. In fact, he's the son of one of her rivals. He seems nervous a lot of the time, perhaps conflicted about his loyalties? He's mostly competent, just a bit lacking in self-esteem and focus.

Noboru Sugai - Chuunin
16, medical nin. He's often there to help patch up injured ninjas. As long as it's not too serious. Then you might want one of the more skilled medics like his sensei, Aneko.
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NPC information
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