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 The 1st Chuunin Exams

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The 1st Chuunin Exams Empty
PostSubject: The 1st Chuunin Exams   The 1st Chuunin Exams EmptyMon May 04, 2015 10:17 pm

The first Chuunin Exams begin now! First things first, below is the list of participants, their village, and the username of the player.

Zen Tankou - Kumo - @V
Mianyi Kamiya - Suna - @alexana
Sakyo Uzumaki - Konoha - @Shimura92
Daisuke Yamanaka - Konoha - @Logic
Shiko Nara - Konoha - @poleon
Krysto Kaguya - Konoha - @Krysto

Part 1
Part one of the exams is simple enough. We are looking for quality RP ability. The ability to play as NPCs. The ability to play fair. The ability to describe a setting. You and your team of three will be entered into a forest in the Lightning Country. You will be given an Earth scroll. Your job is to find a Heaven scroll and get back to the center where you will advance to the next stage. You are expected to survive in the forest for a minimum of three days. You must face sufficient controversy to warrant yourself a spot in the next stage. You will face other teams, wild animals, dangerous herbs, and even catastrophic storms. Each Person will post 8 times in their thread. You are responsible for your own NPCs as well as starting the thread. Just make a post in the Lightning Country titled Chuunin Exams Team (1 or 2). The teams are as follows:

Team One: Zen, Sakyo, and Krysto
Team Two: Shiko, Mianyi, and Daisuke.

You each have 24 hours to respond to the first post. After that you have 24 hours from the last post. Please stick to post order.

The 1st Chuunin Exams XVbGcbb
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The 1st Chuunin Exams
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