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 Weapon Creation Template and Rules

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Weapon Creation Template and Rules Empty
PostSubject: Weapon Creation Template and Rules   Weapon Creation Template and Rules EmptyWed Apr 29, 2015 11:52 pm

Below is the new Weapon Creation Template as well as Rules. You will need to link the character using these weapons as well.

Name: The name of your weapon. Simple enough.

Type: Is it a sword, kunai, bow, mace, etc.

Abilities: What does this weapon do? This part is important. Be extremely descriptive. If your weapon has abilities they may count as Jutsu and need to be in your Jutsu list. Remember that starting characters are allowed four jutsu.

Appearance: What does your weapon look like?

History: How did your character come by these weapons?

Weapon Creation Template and Rules XVbGcbb
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Weapon Creation Template and Rules
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