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 A Most Important Announcement

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PostSubject: A Most Important Announcement   A Most Important Announcement EmptySun Apr 26, 2015 8:00 pm

There is clearly something going on within Konoha, and the fact that the Hokage has asked all ninja within Konoha to attend a special announcement at 1:00 in the afternoon only serves to fuel the excitement and rumors.

The number of patrols around the perimeter of Konoha has increased and the gate guards are doubled in number. Their scrutiny of would-be visitors has increased and many are finding themselves turned away. All ninjas are finding themselves scheduled for increased shifts and being asked to be "on call" at multiple hours. No one is being overtasked or overworked, however, and most of the increased duties

At precisely 1:00 the Hokage makes an appearance in front of Konoha's entire shinobi forces. She is dressed for battle. With her stand Konoha's Elders and top-ranking ninjas.

"As some of you may know, our genin recently participated in a tournament in Kusagakure. The circumstances surrounding the tournament's timing and location were suspicious, at best, and those in attendance made an excellent showing at the tournament, but also in exercising their talents at ninja to obtain information on Kusagakure and their intentions."

"What many of you do not know is that while at the tournament, the Raikage overheard some plans to assassinate the Tsuchikage, who left the tournament early. The Raikage, Kazekage, and I left the tournament to ensure the safety of the Tsuchikage. We found her and an escort force under attack by numerous jounin of Kusagakure and one of Iwa's own S-rank ninjas had defected and was attempting to kill the Tsuchikage. We were able to ensure her survival, but Iwagakure is now plagued with issues related to their rogue ninjas."

"What's more, the leader of Kusagakure has proclaimed himself the Kusakage and has declared war on Konoha."Tomoe pauses to let his information sink in to the troops.

"This so called Kusakage is a man named Zaru, a defector from Otogakure who has assumed power in Kusagakure. He has with him the support of Senna, formerly of Iwagakure, who is known for her skills in poison."

"What we have learned from the tournament is that Kusagakure has begun barbaric practices the likes of which have not been practiced since the time of the Bloody Mist - battles to the death to graduate their ninja academy. Those who were in attendance at the Kusagakure tournament can also speak to the ruthless and bloodthirsty nature that nearly all their genin exhibited."

Scanning the ranks, Tomoe adds on, "These details and more will be provided to each team of ninjas through their captains, where your questions can be better answered individually. I expect each and every team, regardless of rank, to practice and train and be prepared for anything. Our enemies may strike at any moment, and at any moment we may need to send a team to head off the enemy to keep them from reaching our village."

"I have faith that Konoha's ninjas are the best. I saw great examples of strength and skill among our genin at the tournament, I have personally witnessed the capability of some of you, and I have heard outstanding reports from team captains. We will do well, we will defeat our enemy, and we do not stand alone. Delegations from Sunagakure and Kumogakure will be arriving to assist as well."
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A Most Important Announcement
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