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 Clearing the mind

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Clearing the mind Empty
PostSubject: Clearing the mind   Clearing the mind EmptySat Apr 25, 2015 5:39 pm

The trees danced with the light breeze of the day. Lound thuds rippled through the trees. The young kaguya was training hard after being defeated in the kusa tournament. Victory was within his grasp and the judges ripped it away from him.

"Theres no way i lost,"

He said, punching a hole into the tree. He continued to strike the tree deeply focused on causing it harm. He began mixing in elbows and knees covered with his bones. He was drenched in sweat after being out for hours upon hours.

"I failed myself."

His stikes became more fluently. Shredding the tree with every attack. Chunks of wood flew off in every direction, Until eventually the tree was thin enough to where he kicked it over. Krysto took his shirt off and wiped himself down He took off his headband and wiped the sweat from his foreheads before sitting uner the shade of a giant tree and closing his eyes.
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Clearing the mind
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