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 Fight Changes Incoming

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PostSubject: Fight Changes Incoming   Fight Changes Incoming EmptySat Apr 25, 2015 6:13 am

So far the Kusa tournament has been a lot of fun, but not without issue. I have thrown up a Roleplaying Guidelines Thread to address some of the problems seen in the tournament, however alexana an I have been working on an alternative system for Arc PvP. This system is in draft mode right now, still working on bits and pieces, but we do plan to implement it in the near future solely for Arc and Global Missions combat. That being said, those of you that feel you were cheated or had an unfair disadvantage in your tournament matches, we understand and hear your frustrations! We are going to address this with a system that is fair to all, and want to stress how thankful we are for your help.

Fight Changes Incoming XVbGcbb
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Fight Changes Incoming
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