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 Mission Listing

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PostSubject: Mission Listing   Mission Listing EmptyThu Apr 23, 2015 2:22 pm

If you want to complete a mission, just make the topic in this forum with the title of the mission as your topic title.

Tag me when a mission is complete and I will approve it, remove it from the list, and add it to your tally of mission points.

Feel free to comment below if you have ideas or a request for a mission. If your mission is reasonable, it will be added to the list and reserved for you or your team.  

Note: keep in mind mission difficulty. A B ranked mission will be difficult for a team of genin, doubly so if your team leader (NPC jounin) is not present. A C ranked mission should be challenging for genin.

Name: An Artist's Muse in progress
Rank: D
Location: Konoha
Description: A somewhat eccentric artist is seeking ninjas to inspire her through their combat skills. She's willing to very pay well, which is the only reason the Hokage is willing to entertain this absurd request.
Goal: Inspire the artist… somehow...

Name: Bubbles!
Rank: D
Location: Konoha hotsprings
Description: Some prankster has gone and contaminated the hot springs with bubbles. BUBBLES ARE EVERYWHERE! They've over-run the hot springs, the changing rooms, and even bubbled out into the street. Contain the mess, clean it up, and if you can find some clue as to who the prankster is, that's even better.
Goal: Stop the bubbles epidemic!

Name: Ghost busters
Rank: D
Location: a house in Konoha
Description:A team is dispatched to humor an old man who paid for a contract to have a "ghost" removed from his house.
Goal: Find out what this "ghost" really is and deal with whatever issues there are in his house.

Name: Contract Enforcement
Rank: D
Location: Construction site in south Konoha
Description: A team is requested to ensure a carpenter is brought back to his work place to continue the terms of his contract, by choice or by force.
Goal: Persuade the carpenter to return to work or bring him back to the work site.

Name: Herb gathering
Rank: D
Location: outside Konoha
Description: Gather a variety of herbs that grow in the forest and fields near Konoha for the medical-nin. Supplies are low after the war.
Goal: Collect herbs

Name: Wedding Detail in progress
Rank: D
Location: small village south of Konoha
Description: Two families who have been feuding for generations, finally have something in common - they don't want their children getting married to each other. The Fujihara family and the Inoue family in the southern Land of Fire are planning a wedding ceremony. A team of three is all that is needed for this mission, since everyone involved in the wedding is purely civilians and non-combat oriented, except against one another. This mission request has been sent by the bride- and groom-to-be, to keep their families civil during the ceremony.
Goal: Run security for the wedding, and use of force is only to keep them from killing one another.

Name: Deceptively Easy
Rank: D
Location: Konoha bazaar
Description: A team is dispatched for a D-rank security detail at Konoha's bazaar. Unfortunately, the weather is horrible, somebody has a particularly bad grudge against the merchant their aiding, and there are lots of bad illusions in play.
Goal: Monitor the bazaar and deal with problems that arise (see above for problems you'll encounter)

Name: Recovery Mission
Rank: C
Location: road north of Konoha
Description: A D-ranked escort mission was requested two days ago. However, the person requesting it left out important information that would have classified it as a more expensive C-rank mission. When the D-ranked escort mission failed, goods were stolen from the merchant, so now he has requested a C-rank mission for ninjas to recover the stolen goods from bandits (non-ninja combatants).
Goal: Recover the goods.

Name: Humanitarian Aid in progress
Rank: C
Location: village east of Konoha
Description: The small village of Ameyoko has been hit with an epidemic. Medical ninjas in Konoha have prepared remedies for the village. This medicine will need to be delivered by a team of ninjas. (On the way, the ninjas might encounter bandits (non-ninjas) who would be in the area to take advantage of the illness and/or steal valuable medicine.)
Goal: Cure a sick village (and deal with looters).

Name: Protection Detail in progress
Rank: C
Location: near Konoha
Description: A small farming community near Konoha is plagued by a mountain lion problem. A child was mauled and some livestock have been killed. They've requested a team of ninjas to come out and deal with this problem.
Goal: Help out a local farm with a mountain lion problem.
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Mission Listing
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