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 Mission System

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Missions are a crucial part to the village. They provide money to the village, and allows teams of ninja to discover their talents and themselves. It gives the village an idea of who is ready to move on to the next level. Missions also provide points toward Village Competition, as well as help ninja earn threads toward their prerequisites for exams.

There are two types of missions, Village Missions and Global Missions. Village Missions are listed by the Kage, where village ninja can take the missions. Global Missions are posted in the Plot Pages forum, and anyone from any village can attempt them. Generally Global Missions will be high ranked missions with big rewards, so large teams comprised of 10-15 ninja may be attempting.

Village Missions are easy to follow. The Kage posts 10-15 missions using the template below in to a single topic. Then ninja simply pick out a mission, make a topic in the forum with the name of the mission as the title, and complete it. After its completed the Kage or an admin will approve it. Missions provide Competition Points (CP) but also have Value Points based on rank.

  • D Rank Mission - 1 Value Point
  • C Rank Mission - 2 Value Points
  • B Rank Mission - 3 Value Points
  • A Rank Mission - 4 Value Points
  • S Rank Mission - 5 Value Points

Value points are used to by the Kage to see how much your character has contributed to the village.

In order to complete a Village Mission, you must follow these guidelines. There are two ways to complete a mission, solo, or by group. Solo Missions are far more restricted, and usually require a higher post count by your character. Here is the Solo Missions reqs.

  • D Rank Mission - Genin+ - 7 Posts
  • C Rank Mission - Genin+ - 10 Posts
  • B Rank Mission - Chunin+ - 15 Posts
  • A Rank Mission - Chunin+ - 15 Posts
  • S Rank Mission - Jounin+ - 30 Posts

Solo Missions will always be more difficult than group missions. Group missions are two or more players. Group Missions will always require less posts, and generally are more fun. Here are the Group Missions reqs.

  • D Rank Mission - 4 Posts ea. (2), 3 Posts ea. (3/4)
  • C Rank Mission - 7 Posts ea. (2 players), 5 Posts ea. (3), 4 Posts ea. (4)
  • B Rank Mission - 8 Posts ea. (2), 7 Posts ea. (3), 5 Posts ea. (4)
  • A Rank Mission - 10 Posts ea. (2), 8 Posts ea. (3), 6 Posts ea. (4)
  • S Rank Mission - 15 Posts ea. (2), 10 Posts ea. (3), 8 Posts ea. (4)

It is up to the Kage of each village to create the various missions and ranks for their village to complete. A template is provided below in order to ease the process of creating missions. Simply fill out the template below and add the selected mission into your available mission thread. Try to scale the mission difficulty based on Rank.

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Mission System
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